My Contributions to Berkeley, and Beyond

Data 8 Staff

Timeframe: January 2021-Present

After enjoying and excelling in Berkeley's introductory data science course in Fall 2020, I sought to get involved with the course staff. Following my experience serving as an Academic Intern in Spring 2021, I was appointed to be a Tutor in Fall 2021. This entails leading small-group tutoring session, marking student work, and supervising Office Hours. In Spring 2022, I will be serving as a Group Tutor for the Data Scholars Foundations program, designed to help students who identify as underrepresented minorities succeed in the class with their own dedicated sections. My teaching resources can be found here.

Computer Science Undergraduate Association

Timeframe: August 2021-Present

I am an active member of Berkeley's oldest computer science organization. I have been an Officer for the club since October 2021, which involves maintaining the CSUA's on-site office at Soda Hall and helping run some of the club's events.
More coming soon!