This is a list of all technical courses I have taken at Berkeley. It includes both major requirements and technical electives.

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CS/EECS Classes:

Topics Covered: Functional Programming (Python and Scheme); Recursion; Basic OOP; Basic Data Structures; Declarative Programming (SQL); Interpreters.

Topics Covered: Advanced OOP (Java); Arrays; Linked Lists; Hash Tables; Priority Queues; Binary Search Trees; Tree and Graph Traversals; Graph Pathfinding Algorithms; Sorting Algorithms.

Topics Covered: Linear Algebra; Signal Processing (Cross-Correlation, Trilateration); Least Squares; Circuits (Ohm's Law, Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens, Charge Sharing, Op-Amps).

Topics Covered: Propositional Logic; Proofs; Graphs; Modular Arithmetic; Countability and Computability; Discrete and Continuous Random Variables; Probability Distributions; Markov Chains.

Topics Covered: Divide and Conquer; Fast Fourier Transform; Graph Algorithms; Greedy Algorithms; Union-Find; Dynamic Programming; Linear Programming; Multiplicative Weight Updates; Reductions; NP-Completeness; Hashing.

Topics Covered: TBC...

Math/Data/Stat Classes:

Topics Covered: TBC...

Topics Covered: Table Operations; Basic NumPy; Test Statistics; Hypothesis Testing; Confidence Intervals; Linear Regression; Residuals; Bootstrap Sampling; Central Limit Theorem; k-Nearest Neighbors Classification.

Topics Covered: The Data Science Life Cycle; Pandas; EDA; SQL; Visualizations (Matplotlib and Seaborn); Kernel Density Estimators; Feature Engineering; Gradient Descent; Logistic Regression; Decision Trees; PCA.

Topics Covered: TBC...

Topics Covered: Discrete Distributions (Binomial, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Poisson); Continuous Distributions (Normal; Exponential; Gamma); Normal Approximations; Joint Distributions; Poisson Processes.

Linguistics Classes:

Topics Covered: Phonetics; Phonology; Morphology; Syntax; Semantics; Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics.

Topics Covered: TBC...

Other Electives:

Topics Covered: Propositional Logic; Combinatorial Problems; Natural Deduction (Fitch-Style Proofs); First-Order Predicate Logic; Set Theory.